Starting an IGCSE Board School

In order to understand how to start an IGCSE school, you need to understand what IGCSE is. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) helps the schools build a curriculum around specific needs. The curriculum has core subjects and co curricular perspectives that encourages learners to connect to various subjects and develop a versatile approach.

The focus also lies in developing creative skills, enquiry and problem solving abilities. There are over 70 subjects including 30 languages and schools have the flexibility to offer them in desired combination. Schools offering the IGCSE curriculum are available worldwide. The Indian education system is now widely accepting the IGCSE curriculum.


If you wish to adopt the IGCSE curriculum for your school, you need to follow a streamlined process for the same. The procedure to open new IGCSE board school can be summarized as below:

  • Registration quality standards: Before you apply for registration as a Cambridge school, you need to ensure that you comply with their basic expectations. The website provides a list of requirements that can be broadly listed as:
    • Mission and educational values
    • School Management and leadership
    • Quality of teaching and learning
    • Physical environment and legal requirements
    • Expressing your interest: Once you are prepared with the requirements, you need to fill in an online form. You need to provide your contact details, the program that of your interest and the details of your eligibility and qualifications. The council gets back to you regarding this application.
    • Complete the application: The second stage involves filling the detail application form and submitting it to the local Cambridge center. This is then followed by the approval visit.
    • Approval visit: The Cambridge representative visits the school and observes if the school meets all the expected standards. You then receive an approval visit form that states whether your school is approved, rejected or approved with conditions.
    • Contract signing: Once approved, you are required to sign the contract with IGCSE and complete the registration process. Now as a registered school, you receive a smooth transition into the Cambridge working style. You receive access to resources, curriculum, events and training and marketing support. Thus you can get started.

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