School Franchise in India

If you want to open a school by opting for a school franchise in India, you need to understand the requirements for the project. Today, the market is flooded with school franchise opportunities from national and international brands of schools and school chains. Each offer has a unique set of terms and conditions and you need to go through them thoroughly before you decide the most suitable offer to set up a new school in India.

To start with, the basic criteria that are laid down by the franchisor are the availability of land, capital investment of a certain amount and infrastructure. Other than these conditions, the franchise agreement lists several terms and conditions. The business needs to be managed in the name of the brand for which the franchise has been accepted. Most of the renowned brand look into the school set up procedure right from setting up the infrastructure to hiring the staff.

The curriculum needs to be followed as expected. The franchisee gets the rights for school administration and management as long as the terms are not violated. When it comes to finance and accounts, there is a set of exclusive terms and conditions too. You need to keep a record of the finances and produce them when asked for. Other than the deposit amount, several franchisors ask for various amounts in the form of course fees, running expenses, advertising expenses, infrastructure maintenance, revenue sharing and even course fees. You need to be aware of what the costs amount to and which expenses are you willing to incur.

There are conditions related to functioning of the school, updating the curriculum and restrictions related to the business management. You need to understand the terms and clauses. They differ in various franchise agreements and you need to ensure that the control if the business rights and finances is not entirely out of favor for you.

Franchise opportunities provide a benefit of receiving guidance for the business venture. As the school has to promote their brand, they are extremely particular about the process. You have to just function as per their terms. However, in the entire transaction, the cost and efforts that you put in for these opportunities lead on to promoting a brand that you do not own.

Considering the advantages and limitations of the franchise opportunities, it is advisable to start your own school and hire school consulting services for assisting in the business set up. We are consultants for opening a world class school in India and we also offer consultancy for public school franchise in India.