How to Start an International School in India

An International school is a school that promotes international education by adopting a curriculum that is affiliated to institutions outside the country or national curriculum that is different from the school’s country of residence. Thus International schools in India are seen to adopt a variety of curricula like International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and so on.


Opening an International school is much more challenging and complicated as compared to other schools. Since International schools function in an innovative, professional ways and in diverse environments, starting such a school requires a lot of planning and strategies to start and run the school. Today some of the International schools are offering franchise opportunities, especially for play schools. However, considering the hidden costs and the terms and conditions that provide restrictions, it is advisable to start a school on your own.


To begin with, you first need to research the national and international market in the niche area and understand the requirements to open an international school in India. International schools are preferred by parents who are professionals who travel across the globe and by those parents who want their kids to receive an international exposure. It is advisable to start such a school initially with the primary grades and then expand it further.

International schools in India are seen to adopt the system where students can select a curriculum of their choice at the level of Grade IX. Therefore, the coaching from the primary years is conducted so as to cover the diverse methodologies and syllabi. Apart from the curriculum, International schools focus a lot on the extracurricular development of the kids.

When you plan to start a school, you need to decide the strategy and curricula that you will provide. Accordingly, you need to work on the following points and follow the procedure to open international school in India:

Investment: You need to thoroughly research your business plan, market scenario and then estimate the expenditures of a complete school set up till the intended grade.

Land: The area needs to be huge so as to develop a campus that provides several curricular and extracurricular facilities. If you intend to provide the residential option, you need more land.

Infrastructure: Based on your academic plans and the activities like sports and recreation, you need to plan the infrastructure and set up the equipments.

Paperwork: This is one of the most tedious jobs in case of International schools. You need to work on the curriculum and adopt various methodologies related to the International Boards. You also need to produce various approvals and consents from local education bodies and municipal boards in your city.

Once everything is set up, you need to recruit staff that is specially trained for International curriculum. You can then start marketing your business.

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