How to Open a Primary School in India

You may decide to open a primary school in India as an extension of your pre-primary school or you may be opening a school including the primary and preschool classes. In case of the primary school that ranges from class I to Class IV, you need to decide the affiliation of a board in the initial phase. Every regulating body has its own sets of terms and conditions for providing the affiliation.

Similarly, based on the location of your school, the priority of parents for the respective boards also changes. For example, in metro cities, all the boards have significance but IB; IGCSE affiliations that are upcoming ones have equal importance. In rural areas and small towns, the state and CBSE boards are still more popular and will get you more admissions. Once you finalize on the type of curriculum, you need to research for the detailed information on requirements to open a primary school in India.

This process requires you to start with preparations like capital, location renaissance, application process preparation to begin with. This is followed by reviews, visits by representatives and approvals. Further, you need to go through documentation process for approvals from local regulatory bodies, no objection certificates from certain authorities and so on. This is a time consuming phase and you need to face inspections and visits in these cases too.

Once you are through with all this, you can work on development of the basic infrastructure set up, resource planning and buying equipments. In this phase you also have access to curriculum resources and other facilities related to the board. You can utilize this time and resources for preparation of your business venture. After this, you can start with the marketing and promotion of your brand. Admissions start in due course and you are then set start a primary school in India. We are consultants for opening a school and manage school projects. You can get in touch with us for the procedure to open a primary school in India.